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Post Production Time

We’re excited to be in post right now, currently with Guy Walker, our sound designer, now working on sound on the picture-locked cut...


It’s coming together beautifully. Guy is building the soundtrack from the ground up. Going to be in 7.1 surround sound!

In tandem with the sound work being done by Guy, the video color correction for the Airplane Scene is being done by DuArt, an amazing post-production facility in NYC. Additionally, DuArt will also do clean-up restoration to our original film’s 3⁄4” master tapes, to prepare for insertion of the scene. The above is being done by DuArt (who just won an Emmy for video restoration) for free, because they’re passionate about this project. Big thanks to Tim Werenko and DuArt!


Thanks also to Perry Harovas, a veteran VFX artist who will be doing Visual Effects and Compositing. Perry was a Kickstarter backer who messaged us that he wanted to offer up his professional services, for free, because he’s passionate about the project. Perry’s work is superb and we’re thrilled.

Extra special behind the scenes update COMING SOON!

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