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Kickstarter Campaign:

We had an amazing campaign on Kickstarter by exceeding our initial goal of $50,000. We couldn't have done it without your support and we are counting on that to help us finish our movie. 


Production, promotions, building the actual airplane and so many other elements were needed to make this scene happen. If you missed out on the Kickstarter adventure, you still have time to help the movie and receive some truly awesome Raiders gifts for doing so.  


The Kickstarter Funds helped us build the plane (labor and materials), fly our Marion Ravenwood (Angela Rodriguez) back to Mississippi, feed everyone and help perfect the look of the set and the costumes.


Completing this missing scene after 25 years is the most beautiful bookend to our story, bringing best friends and family back together to capture a rare life opportunity to return to the place from which we came, with the people who are closest to us to do the thing we are most passionate about - shooting movies.




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