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Traveling across America 

to share stories, meet people who inspire us and others, to reach beyond themselves and… follow your dreams!



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June 2            Seattle                Northwest Film Forum       Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 3            Portland              Hollywood Theatre           Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 4            Salem, OR            Salem Cinema                Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 5            Vancouver, WA      Kiggins Theater               Pre-order avail soon


June 6            Bellingham           Pickford Center               Pre-order avail soon


June 9            San Francisco       Alamo DH Mission            Pre-order avail soon

June 10           Austin                 Alamo DH South Lamar     Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 11            Houston              Alamo DH Vintage Park     Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 12           Los Angeles          Cinefamily                     Buy Tickets!  FB Event


June 14           Dallas                 Alamo DH Dwntwn Dallas   Pre-order avail soon

June 17           New York             IFC Film Center                Pre-order avail soon

June 18           New York (Chris)    IFC Film Center                Pre-oder avail soon


June 18           Hartford (Eric)       Real Art Ways                 Pre-order avail soon

June 19           Chicago (Chris)      Music Box Theatre           Pre-order avail soon

June 20          Boston (Eric)          The Brattle Theatre          Buy Tickets!  FB Event

June 20          Kalamazoo (Chris)   Alamo DH Kalamazoo       Pre-order avail soon 

June 23          Pittsburgh             Filmmakers Cinema Harris  Pre-order avail soon


June 24          Cleveland             Capitol Theater               Pre-order avail soon  


June 25          Columbus             Gateway Film Center        Pre-order avail soon  


June 28          Columbia             RagTag Cinema               Pre-order avail soon

June 30          Kansas City           Alamo DH KC Main Street   Pre-order avail soon


July 1             Denver                 Alamo DH Littleton           Pre-order avail soon


July 2            Denver                 Sie FilmCenter                 Buy Tickets!  FB Event

July 8            Boulder (Skype)      Dairy Arts Center              Pre-order avail soon

July 9            Detroit (Skype)       Detroit Institute of Arts       Buy Tickets!  FB Event

July 27          Chattanooga          Cine-Rama                     Buy Tickets!  FB Event

July 30          Athens, GA             Cine                             Pre-order avail soon

August 20/21   Bloomington, IN      Indiana University Cinema   Pre-order avail soon

August 31       Baltimore              The Senator Theater           Pre-order avail soon

September 6   Baltimore              The Senator Theater           Pre-order avail soon

September 22  Bryn Mawr            Bryn Mawr Film Institute     Pre-order avail soon

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