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Thank YOU!

Eric Zala here, director of RAIDERS ADAPTATION (and Belloq), excited to bring you ourfirst production blog for the Airplane Scene. Thanks again for the amazing support, guys. It’s been awesome, not only to have exceeded our Kickstarter goal, but especially to hear from so many of you out there.

Back when Chris and I did this before, back in the eighties, pre-Internet… as far as we knew, we were the only crazy kids who were such Raiders geeks, had dreams like this. This time… this time, it’s clear:

We. Are. Not. Alone.

And that makes this insane adventure all the more meaningful as we careen into the next phase: Now that we will be able to write checks for airplane and location – moving beyond the blocker of “just-add-money” and in earnest, enter the next phase of pre-production. And this blog will endeavor to bring you along for the ride. The adventure continues!

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