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Back in the Basement...

Meanwhile… who can take on constructing both the front and turret cockpits for the Airplane?

I ask my step-dad… who happens to be a retired Air Force colonel and master carpenter –


who has permitted a peek into the progress of the front cockpit – in the pictures that follow…

That’s Dave, working on the front cockpit in his basement workshop at my parents’ home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi,Manyoaks. Unbelievably awesome…

Yes, that’s right… the same basement where Chris and I spent every summer from ’82 – ’88, shooting RAIDERS.

Cave set to the left, Nepal Bar set to the right…

As David Carambat remarked:

“Holy hot wings Batman! I wanna fly it!”

Me and you both, David.

Okay. You designed it -- you get dibs on first to sit in the cockpit.

Thanks, Dave!!!

Signing off for now…


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