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Update: Flying Wing Construction

Chris and I have reflected that, in many ways, the Airplane is the star of the scene. How cool the scene will be will be directly proportional to how cool the Airplane is. And so, Chris went and found an immensely talented designer in the New Orleans area, who was up for brainstorming how such a gigantic (75’ wingspan) faux Flying Wing aircraft could be constructed, from the wheels up:

David T.Carambat ( I compiled and organized screengrabs from the original movie, captured months’ worth of our collective brainstorming (e.g., shop fans for propellers) in notes and sketches (some below) and sent them to David.

From this rough fodder, Mr. Carambat then wielded his expertise in designing top-of- the-line aerodynamic speed boats to produce CAD files that outline the angle and dimensions to each section and part, specifying recommendations for materials to be used.

For example, we’re looking at purchasing used drop tanks for the plane engine housings whose giantbullet shape is extremely hard to get – a big win. Great find, David!

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