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Challenge that you can help with: FUEL TRUCK

Anyone have a 1940’s-era truck? Ideally an old clunker (doesn’t need to run) that they’d like to donate for the Fuel Truck that blows up in the scene?

If you do – and live in the southeast region of the US so we can drive to you -- please email Chris and I a photo to check it out and coordinate!

We've also updated our list of "needs" for the shoot. If you have access to any of the following we'd love to hear from you and make you a part of Raiders: Adaptation history!

  • 2 large shop fans (to be propellers on plane!)

  • Bulldozer & operator (we’ll provide fuel)

  • Mobile 50 kilowatt generator

  • Lull/Skytrac· Passenger van (seats at least 10, we’ll provide fuel)

  • ATV (we’ll provide fuel)

  • Trailer w/ Penel hitch· Trailer – 8’ long min, can be towed behind ATV

  • Trailer – smaller, utility, can be towed behind ATV

  • Materials: ½” CDX plywood – up to 10 sheets

  • 3/4” CDX plywood – up to 40 sheets

  • 2x4x8 – up to 100

  • Power poles – up to 4

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